Couch to 5K: Week 3


Couch to 5K: Week 3

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


To most people, running outside in subzero temperatures seems ridiculous, but I’ve made a commitment to my Couch To 5k journey. So, to deal with the cold, I put my beanie hat and gloves on and I set off with Sam the Dog.

Early in the week I got some odd looks from the Taverham teenage posse. 

Maybe it’s because I was throwing some dad shapes when warming up. Or maybe it was because of the beanie running hat. Or maybe it was because I was outside in the freezing cold. I’m not sure! 

Either way, after warming up, I had to contend with the pavements. The paths were icy, like a glacier, so I was pretty nervous about slipping over! 

I decided to keep to one side of the street, where the lights seemed to have melted the ice before crankingup a Stormzy track and pushing on through the grimey suburban streets of Taverham.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, running in the freezing rain ain’t pleasant. Sam doesn’t like it either, it’s not just me.

 In case you were wondering, running in the freezing rain ain’t pleasant

On the plus side, he’s becoming as fit as a butcher’s dog. He seems to enjoy our runs - and he’s learned to time his toilet breaks with my cool-down session, which is pretty neat!

Ian, CEO of Energise Me, says his dogs give him companionship on the run. I agree with this; it adds a new dimension. I do have to keep one eye on Sam though. He’s fast becoming the Taverham-Food-Scrap hoover.

This week’s runs

Week 3 looks like this.

It’s great having the lovely Jo Whiley in my ear, giving advice about conserving energy and providing words of encouragement. I like the fact that she’s very honest about being in the same position. She shares her experience that running isn’t easy but it's worth the effort.

Alongside Jo, I have also been listening to:

- Overthrow - Boyz Noize

- I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs

- Know me from - Stormzy

Quite honestly, I’m finding the programme easy so far. I’m really glad about that, because I was worried about getting tired and not being motivated.

I’m still suffering with a slight pain in my big toe and the arches of my feet. I used to get this badly in my gym days (way back in the early-00s). I'm ploughing on though and thankfully my Brooke's trainers are the most comfortable I've ever had.

Unfortunately, time has proven to be the biggest challenge so far. We’ve got some big projects on at The Creative Armoury right now, so I’ve been working really late. Time management is something we really work on in the Energise Me programme and I need to learn from this in coming weeks.

That said, I’m slightly nervous that the physical act of running is going to get tougher next week. There are 16 minutes of running for each session, which is the longest running session I’ve done in years.

But I’m staying positive. Roll on week 4!


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Wednesday, February 13, 2019




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