Couch to 5K Week 4


Couch to 5K Week 4

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

So… This week running got real.

And by that I mean, I felt the burn - and my first real stitch. For the first time on my Couch to 5K journey, I felt properly challenged.

Thankfully, the lovely Jo Whiley anticipated this and gave me a way to fix it. Halfway through the session, she suggested slowing down a little, while breathing deeply and slowly into the stomach. It seemed to work, and my stitch disappeared fairly quickly, so I could carry on running.

To keep me in the mood as the going got tough, I listened to AC Slater EDM. I’m finding that dance tracks are good for helping me keep a steady pace - and I really feel the bass!

During my second run of the week, I pushed harder during the last five minutes, as per Jo’s instructions. Apparently, this can increase fitness because you’re building on your stamina. The really weird thing is had a three-hour catch-up at work after the run and I felt energised rather than exhausted. I’ll have to do that again!

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Achievement unlocked

I’m pleased to say that I stayed on-plan all week, even though I was really busy. I even went running on Sunday morning, when I had a wedding in the afternoon. I could easily have made an excuse, but I didn’t.

What I did have to do, however, was break out some steeplechase moves; there was so much horse poop on the streets of Taverham! I wasn’t the only one doing it either. There were also lots of other runners about with their dogs. There’s something comforting about feeling the pain with other people and smiling as we dodged the horse mess.

Over the course of the session, I managed to do 3x5 minutes, ramping up my speed in the final five minutes. I’m keen to keep this up and generally increase my pace because I currently look like a policeman.

One man and dog to 5K!

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The big plus during Week 4 is that my weight was down. Oh, and I also went running during the daylight, which was a novelty. Bring on the spring!

It’s starting to feel a little bit more difficult now, but I’m enjoying the challenge.

Week 5 is going to be great!

Tune in next week,

Keep on keeping on!


Image credit: Sarah Pflug

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019




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