Couch to 5K: Week 5


Couch to 5K: Week 5

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's that saying? No pain, no gain? Well, there was definitely pain this week.

But let me start at the beginning...

I was doing some real running in Week 5. Things were going superbly well. I felt good. I felt confident.

Until I got 20 minutes into the third run. I opened the gas during the last minute and pushed as hard as I could.

And, in a triumphant Chariots of Fire final charge, I promptly slipped over!

I tend to run in the dark and I caught my foot on an elevated bump on the path, which sent me flying.

It all happened so fast. I had the Casualty theme tune playing in my head as I fell towards my gravelly doom.

Thankfully, I managed to do a kung-fu-type roll and took most of the impact on my hands. Less thankfully, I had stinging, bloody, gravel-encrusted palms! It was right in my mouse-operating sweet spot too. Ouch.

I got some sympathy from my wife when I got home. She dressed my wounds with mounds of Savlon and looked after me. It was a bit like that scene in Indiana Jones, so it's not all bad!

What was I listening to this week? Simple Minds' Promise you a Miracle, along with Bomb Track by Rage Against the Machine (hell yeah!) and, fittingly, Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes.

All in all, I'm pretty chuffed that I ran for 20 minutes without any real issues (apart from fall). I used to suffer from boredom when I exercised, but now I'm a bit older, I’m able to zone out a little. I think my mind likes the free time to unwind.

Exercise is definitely the best stress relief!

Keep on keeping on 🏃


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Wednesday, March 27, 2019




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