Couch to 5K: Week 6


Couch to 5K: Week 6

Monday, April 1, 2019

I finished Week 6!

There was 25 straight minutes of running at the end of this week, and I made it!

That's a real achievement for me; I haven't run for 25 minutes since I was Loddon FC's centre back - and I was a kid back then!

How did I feel during the last run? Really good.

Having tripped and hurt my hand in week 5, I'm back on form. My hand is healing nicely and it hasn't bothered me.

In general, I've felt pretty good. The only thing to note is a slight niggle on the shins, a little rub on the sole of my foot and a crooked neck earlier in the week. But, then again, at the age of 43, I expect a little bit of pain!

As in previous weeks, the wise words of Jo Whiley helped me through it all. Every five minutes she would give me some encouragement. She doesn't find running easy, so you know she's been there and been through the pain. Her tips are influenced by her own experience.

On the road

I set off after a five-minute run/walk warm-up, then I started to jog. I took it at a pretty slow pace until I got into a rhythm. Then, when I was in the zone, I picked up the pace and it went really fast.

One of the problems I've had when running in the past was boredom. This time, I got into a good zone, so I felt really good when I got back. Earlier in the week, I'd been a bit sluggish, but I think that's because I was dehydrated.

My notable tracks this week include Kasabian's Shoot the Runner, which was very appropriate. I also had a bit of Kendrick Lamar pumping. To mix it up, I added in Rage Against The Machine's seminal album to keep me motivated. It really rocks!

Sam the dog came with me on the 25-minute run and is he's absolutely shattered! He’s sitting at my feet while I write this, and he's fast asleep! I think he enjoyed the run, so I'm going to give him a nice treat when he's had a bit of a rest.

Keep on keeping on!

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Monday, April 1, 2019




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