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A results-oriented course; proven to help create more energy and personal success in life and the workplace.


A results-oriented immersive experience; proven to help create more energy and personal success in life and the workplace.



We help you maximise your energy and minimise your stress. With more energy and less stress, you will feel happier, more fulfilled and be more likely to achieve the success you deserve - both at work and at home.
We do this 100% online, so fits around you.
Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but not everyone has the drive to make them a reality. Using our proven method, combining knowledge, coaching and peer-to-peer accountability, we will make it happen.

And if that isn't enough, you'll be more productive, so you and your business are more prosperous. Sound good?

what we do



We'll help you discover your own path to increased energy using carefully curated, outcome-focused learning, intensive coaching and support of a small cohort of like-minded peers.


We will measure your progress, regularly checking in with you to see how you feel your progress is going. We'll give a complete picture of your development through a score-based system.


We will guide you throughout the programme. Our coaches are highly experienced and know exactly how to support you on your personal journey.


We help you share your experiences. As part of a small community of like-minded individuals, you can share your experiences and support each others' progress.

WE get Results


AND More Productive


Maximise your energy


optimised LIFESTYLE


a Balanced life



You'll be placed in a carefully selected cohort of around 12 people and allocated your own accountability coach.

You will get to know your group before you start the programme, so you can build trust and accountability. Your coach will help you identify your exact personal needs and, if necessary, work with you on a 121 basis to overcome any pressing needs.

You'll then begin our action-orientated learning experience, which always focuses on achieving the outcomes that are right for you. You'll identify areas where you need to make changes, while your coach and your peers will support you through that process. Somethings will be easy to change, some will be harder, and as we said earlier, it's 100% digital.

Our immersive experience lasts 4 months and includes:

Working with you

Take part in an initial energy assessment. In this one-hour 121 session, you will agree on the things that require our immediate focus.



Monthly energy assessments and further one-hour 121s will allow us to agree on next steps.

DATA-driven results


Monitoring your live health data, including Heart Rate Variability, sleep, steps, productivity, activity and nutrition, will ensure progress is made.


A RICH peer-to-peer EXPERIENCE

Your  cohort will be on the same journey as you, allowing you to support each other. This includes bi-weekly, coach-hosted gatherings and constant access to your tribe to support and cheer each other on.



A sprint-style combination of live and pre-recorded training sessions covers all the key elements of energy optimisation, with lots of interaction with your cohort about the training, your actions and your challenges.



You'll have access to our wider community of like-minded individuals. They may be at a different stage of their journey and able to provide tips and advice.

WHO is it FOR?


This immersive experience is for anyone who feels that they are not achieving their full potential. Whether they are already leaders or aspiring leaders, this experience will help rapidly accelerate their success. The intensity of this 4-month programme means delegates need to be fully committed to getting positive outcomes for themselves. In return, we guarantee major improvements.

You would be suited to this experience if:

An initial energy assessment.

Content Management System.

Monthly energy assessments.

Optional Monitoring of your live health data.

Access to your own cohort of like-minded individuals.

  • You want more energy.

  • You want to be more effective.

  • You would like monthly energy assessments.

  • You realise being healthier will improve your performance and happiness.

  • You feel you are stuck in a rut or not reaching your potential.

  • You want to be up-to-date with the latest thinking.

  • You want to lead and serve your team better.

  • You think you are close to burnout and need to change your game.

WHO is it FOR?


This experience is a great addition to your in-house wellbeing strategy. We recommend you use this programme for your existing leaders and identified talent for the future. We always recommend employees are given the option to join, rather than requiring mandatory attendance. Any leader who can identify with the points in the WHO'S IT FOR - INDIVIDUALS section above will get much from the experience.

We are currently trying to prove our hypothesis on the payback to an organisation for taking part. We are working with a top university to verify our outcomes, in order to publish them in a suitable scientific journal. Outcomes include:

An initial energy assessment.

Content Management System.

Monthly energy assessments.

Optional Monitoring of your live health data.

Access to your own cohort of like-minded individuals.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Heightened engagement.

  • Better quality of work.

  • Reduced presenteeism.

  • Reduced absence.

  • Lower staff turnover.

POSITIVITY IS contagious


Our methodology is focused on these areas:

8 tenets

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Be more effective with your time, so you are more effective with everything else.

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Recharge your batteries and gain focus.

2.Eat & Move

Fuel and release your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Understand and articulate your personal 'why'.

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Understand how money and energy are linked - and how they are not.

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Learn how grit, determination and resilience can be used to drive results.

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Build strong relationships and bonds with your tribe by supporting each other.

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Discover how to get the best from your emotions and thoughts in order to make clear decisions.

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