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what we do

Maximise your potential

Take control of your future with more energy, focus and purpose.
Whatever your goals, we'll give you the support and knowledge to get there.

what we do


Fueling your ambition

Winning at work and in business.
Stop holding yourself back.

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keeping you fully charged

Upgrading your physical, mental
and emotional wellbeing.

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finding meaning & purpose

Reconnecting you with what
matters most.

an introduction from founder ian hacon

About energise Me

Who are we?

We are a collective of online energy coaches and experts (If you are interesting in becoming one of our experts click here for more information).

our why

We’re on a mission to energise 10 million people.

10 million might seem like a big number, but we know that positivity is contagious. If we energise you, science tells us that you'll be more likely to energise the people you meet.

We help you maximise your energy and minimise your stress. With more energy and less stress, you will feel happier, more fulfilled and be more likely to achieve the success you deserve - both at work and at home.

We do this 100% online, so fit around you.

So really, it starts with you.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but not everyone has the drive to make them a reality. Using our proven method, combining knowledge, coaching and peer-to-peer accountability, we will make it happen.

And if that isn't enough, you'll be more productive, making you and your business more prosperous. Sound good?
What's more, our methodology has been scientifically tested to prove the link between it and improved wellbeing outcomes. Read the Report here


My friends, family and colleagues are always commenting on how much happier and different I am since working with Ian and taking part in his transformational training programme. I am now in control, I value my time MORE and I control it better.

Clare Millar

Whoop Digital

I have really enjoyed the mix of subjects/items and gained something from each one. have an excellent understanding of how the current climate may be affecting their clients and are ready to give positive feedback, encouragement and further reading/research.

                                                        KATHERINE FLINT
Enterprise Coordinator at New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership

It has been great doing this during lockdown. It has made a real difference to be drip-fed such positive thoughts and knowledge during an otherwise testing time. Thank you for making it available.


Solicitor, Obelisk Support

I'm finding this really helpful and enjoyable. The journey is definitely thought-provoking and sometimes challenging as I reflect on my own life goals. But more importantly, it's given me a renewed focus and the confidence to implement ways to improve my health and wellbeing which I would never have anticipated before I started on this journey.


Strategy Manager, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership

How it works

Your Journey

We help you maximise your energy and minimises your stress. With more energy and less stress, you will feel happier, more fulfilled and are more likely to achieve the success in work and life you deserve. We do all this 100% online. Your journey lasts as long as you need us, and includes:

An initial energy assessment.

Content Management System.

Monthly energy assessments.

Optional Monitoring of your live health data.

Access to your own cohort of like-minded individuals.

  • Daily energy assessments.

  • The latest science-led learning in Energy Optimisation delivered by experts in their field.

  • Regular self-perceived full energy assessments.

  • Optional access to your own expert coach-led small cohort of like-minded individuals.

  • .Optional exclusive one to one coaching from one of expert coaches.

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